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Since 1996, we’ve been providing natural oils, vegetable margarines, and animal feeds for the wellbeing of families and their livestock. From our base in Diyarbakir Turkey, we produce a range of products for enjoyable meals and for maintaining good health. Some of these products are livestock feeds for grooming healthy fat animals.

MISSVTLS started as a small-time manufacturer of mineral feed additives for cows, sheep, and birds. We later diversified into natural oils for household use and mineral additives for agricultural use.

Today, we’ve grown to become the best livestock feed manufacturer in Turkey. We’re also one of the largest marketplaces for agro products in the country. Every MISSVTLS product is made with the best ingredients and in compliance with medical recommendations and nutritional requirements.

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    Did you know that your meal has a direct influence on your wellbeing? Regular intake of natural oils makes you happy and prevents you from aging. While these oils improve the taste of your food as you bake and fry with them, they also enhance your skin look and texture.

    These oils promote skin elasticity and smoothen out wrinkles. If you’re looking for a cheaper and safer alternative to cosmetic surgeries, then using our oil is the best choice. You can reduce the risk of heart diseases when you use our vegetable margarine. It is a great alternative to unhealthy cooking butter and tastes even better.

    What about your animals? Would you like to fatten your livestock and make them profitable to raise? Choosing the best animal feed can make the difference between having a skinny or
    a fat livestock.

    We’ve formulated products for grooming healthy fat livestock – especially your cows and lambs. These are the best livestock feeds and are important components of animal husbandry. If you desire more profits from your business, then we recommend that get these feeds fast.

    Discover our range of products below. They are affordable. They have zero negative side effects. And they have the approval of health and wellness regulation bodies.

    our speciality

    MISSVTLS is a specialist is producing natural oils, vegetable margarines, and animal feeds for customer satisfaction. And we’ve been doing this for over 25 years. There is an award-winning Quality Control department in our firm. This unit stops at nothing to ensure that our product maintains signature quality. Then the unit monitors steady increase in overall quality over time.

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    • MISSVTLS is the best Online agro products service provider. I am so confused where i purchase Oil Seeds so i search on google and found MISVTLS.

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    • On time work. Good behavior with clients. Easy to purchase the products. You provide us environment friendly service which is so much necessary for us and for future generation.

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    • We have deal in Biryağ Sunflower Oil for the past years and could be happier. MISSVTLS is the best company.

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    Our production capacity runs into over 20 tons of feeds per hour at our animal feed factory in Turkey. Our manufacturer capacity also stands at 1000 gallons of sunflower oils, cornflower oils, and other natural oils per hour.

    This makes us one of the largest and best manufacturers of natural oils in Turkey. We’re also one of the largest and best animal feed manufacturers in Turkey.

    We’ve maintained integrity, honesty, passion, and commitment to customers as our core company values. They shape our culture and motivate our employees to give their 100% towards achieving our goals.