• It is a feed prepared for culture breed dairy cattle that enables our partners and breeders to earn more.
  • It meets the nutritional needs of dairy cattle in a balanced way during their late lactation.
  • Since it is prepared from delicious feed raw materials, it increases the dry matter consumption by increasing the appetite in dairy cattle.
  • It increases fertility with its energy level and balanced vitamin-mineral mixture.
  • In addition to increasing the milk yield in dairy animals, it ensures that the milk yield during the milking period remains at a high level for a long time.
  • Pellet and powder forms are produced in our feed factories with a computerized system.

Analytical Values

Crude Protein (%) 18
Crude Selukose (%) 12 -13
Ash (%) 8 -10
Sodium (%) 0.25 -0.30
Raw oil (%) 3 -3.5
Vitamin A IU / Kg 9.000
Vitamin D3 IU / Kg 3.000
Vitamin E Mg / Kg 30

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