Matra Iletisim Sistemleri San. Ve Tic. Ltd. St. (MISSVTLS) is based in Diyarbakir Turkey. Since 1996, we’ve consistently provided quality natural oils and animal feeds to homes and farms.

Our history includes years of manufacturing feeds for cattle, lambs, and birds. We also have years of experience extracting oil sunflower and corn. Being old hands in the industry, we’ve perfected the formula that meets industry and medical standards.

The production capacity of the MISSVTLS animal feed mill in Turkey makes us a giant diary feed manufacturer in Turkey. As dairy cattle feed manufacturer, our integrity, values, and commitment helps us maintain our stature as key cattle feed wholesale supplier.



What’s more? We believe that we only win when families and livestock have access to healthy nutritional diet. Therefore, our focus at MISSVTLS is always customer satisfaction. Since science informs that there is a strong correlation between diet and wellbeing, we’re passionate about promoting the wellbeing of people and animals. This intention is the origin of our industry-altering products.

These lines of products are delicately manufactured to help farmers in animal husbandry raise animals in the most profitable ways. Cattle and sheep require rich diet to fatten. Careful
selection of ingredients can help achieve this aim, without endangering the livestock. We found these secrets and we used them as the blueprint of our products for the Turkey animal feed market We adopt similar direction to formulate our skin care and cooking oils. While we’re strong advocates of the promotion of good health, we also accept that our customers love tasty meals. So, our oils have delicate balance of ‘healthy’ and ‘delicious.’ There’s no need sacrificing good taste when it can complement the health benefits.

Our oils promote skin elasticity and smoothen out wrinkles. If you’re looking for a cheaper and safer alternative to cosmetic surgeries, then using our oil is the best choice. So, if you’re a livestock farmer, desiring healthy animals that can fetch good returns; then discover MISSVTLS feeds. We formulate them with your best interest at heart.

MISSVTLS natural oils and margarines are also essential for you and loved ones. They are healthier alternatives to regular butter and cooking oils.


MISSVTLS has the recognition of industry-regulators as one of the top 10 animal feed companies. We instilled a stiff quality control measure to ensure we deliver our signature standard at all times.

Our animal feed mills in Turkey produce over 20 tons of feeds an hour. We equally clock over 1000 gallons of sunflower oils and corn oil in an hour. While we look towards further expansions, our present production capacity is our response to the demands of the todays Turkey animal feed market.

More than 10 million consumers have enjoyed MISSVTLS products in over 30 countries around the world. It is our vision to guide MISSVTLS into becoming a global leader and major facilitator of animal agriculture in the world.