• TRAKYEM heifer feed is used for feeding the developing heifers from the beginning of the heifer to 30 months of age.
  • TRAKYEM heifer feed saves the breeders time by bringing the heifers to sufficient live weight without lubricating them in a short time and preparing them for high milk yield.
  • It is an excellent feed prepared for breeders who want to get more milk in the later milking periods after the birth of heifers.
  • TRAKYEM heifer feeds have a balanced ration with ideal protein, energy, vitamin and mineral content and meet all the protein, energy, vitamin and mineral needs of heifers.
  • It provides the necessary balanced growth for the heifers to come to the first heat at the appropriate time.
  • TRAKYEM heifer feed helps the heifer complete the development of the mammary gland at the age of 10 months, insemination at the age of 14-16 months and then give sufficient milk with a healthy calf at the age of 2, when a balanced feeding is made.

Analytical Values

Crude Protein (%) 17
Crude Selukose (%) 12
Ash (%) 10
Sodium (%) 0.25
Raw oil (%) 3 - 4.5
Vitamin A IU / Kg 9.000
Vitamin D3 IU / Kg 3.000
Vitamin E Mg / Kg 30

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