• It is a complementary feed that is used at the end of the 9-month period of the fattened calves and bulls for our producers who will make economical fattening until the last period of the food.
  • When ASYEM fattening feed is used with crushed grain, a better performance is obtained and the animals that are fattened reach the maturity of the slaughter quickly.
  • The rate of benefiting from feed and turning into meat is high.
  • It is delicious, loved by animals and consumed with appetite.
  • It helps to minimize metabolic diseases such as acidosis and foot diseases.
  • With its rich vitamin-mineral composition and balanced protein-energy structure, it increases the daily live weight gain of animals in proportion to their genetic capabilities.
  • It is produced in pellet form in our feed factories with a computerized system.

Nutritive value

Crude Protein (%) 16
Crude Fiber (%) 13
Ash (%) 11 - 12
Sodium (%) 0,30
Raw oil (%) 2.5 - 3.5
Vitamin A IU / Kg 9.000
Vitamin D3 IU / Kg 3.000
Vitamin E Mg / Kg 30

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