• It is a feed that is used when calves and bulls taken to be fattened are in the last period of food (last 2-3 months).
  • It contains high energy in order to meet the increasing energy need due to metabolic and hormonal reasons in the last period of the food.
  • Since it is a high-energy feed, it provides rapid live weight gain in animals that are fed.
  • It ensures that animals are healthier and more profit is obtained from food.
  • There is no need to use crushed grain (Barley, Wheat Crushed) in addition to this food.
  • Pellet and powder forms are produced in our feed factories with a computerized system.

Analytical Values

Crude Protein (%) 13 - 15
Crude Selukose (%) 9 - 11
Ash (%) 8 - 10
Sodium (%) 0.25 - 0.30
Raw oil (%) 3 - 4.5
Vitamin A IU / Kg 9.000
Vitamin D3 IU / Kg 3.000
Vitamin E Mg / Kg 30

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