• It is used for feeding pregnant heifers and dairy cows during the dry period of 60 days in order to prepare the animal for the upcoming milking period following the ending milking period.
  • It eliminates many reproductive problems such as not showing anger and not keeping offspring in the future due to feeding.
  • It ensures that the cow and calf are healthy and highly productive before and after calving.
  • TRAKYEM pregnant heifer feed is prepared with a balanced ration with ideal protein, energy, vitamin and mineral content to ensure healthy calf birth.
  • It helps in preventing metabolic diseases related to nutrition, especially milk fever.
  • TRAKYEM meets the deficient nutritional needs of cows in the last 2 months of pregnancy when pregnant heifer feed is given in recommended amounts.
  • It provides repairing of damaged udder tissues in a short time during the milking period.
  • TRAKYEM pregnant heifer feed ensures that the cow that will give birth reaches the ideal condition.

Analytical Values

Crude Protein (%) 15
Crude Selukose (%) 11th
Ash (%) 10 - 12
Sodium (%) 0.25
Raw oil (%) 2 - 3.5
Vitamin A IU / Kg 9.000
Vitamin D3 IU / Kg 3.000
Vitamin E Mg / Kg 30

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